Jun 22, 2018 to Jun 24, 2018

The Seventh Subsistence Marketplaces Conference: Subsistence and Sustainability

June 22-24, 2018 | Champaign, Illinois


The Seventh Subsistence Marketplaces Conference is intended for a wide audience that spans research or practical interest in subsistence marketplaces, with diverse disciplinary backgrounds such as in business (e.g., marketing, management, entrepreneurship, strategy), development, policy, and related social sciences as well as technical areas.


In its seventh iteration, the 2018 conference is titled to highlight the intersection of subsistence marketplaces with environmental sustainability as well as social and economic sustainability. The intersection of poverty and the environment presents enormous challenges in the coming decades. It is imperative that we understand the challenges faced by individuals, households, and communities in contexts of high uncertainty that subsistence marketplaces represent, overlaid with uncertainties posed by environmental changes. For example, climate change and ecological deterioration affect food production in different parts of the world, but in particular, where technological innovations are hindered by infrastructural, social, and economic barriers. This is particularly problematic at a time in which many of the smallholder farmers should switch from producing food for their own families to market-based production that supplies the rapidly growing urban areas. What are the nature and implications of environmental challenges for subsistence marketplaces? How does the functioning of subsistence marketplaces affect the (sustainable) use of natural resources? How can poverty alleviation occur without placing extra burdens on the natural environment? How can modern technologies and condensed change help to create sustainable lifestyles when consumption patterns start to increase? In turn, what are the technological innovations from the top-down that can be brought to bear to address the challenges uncovered through bottom-up insights?  How can our understanding of climate change and other environmental factors be used to design solutions that address well-being and sustainability from the bottom-up?


A key emphasis now is to look back to the previous six conferences as well as the forthcoming first immersion conference and the resultant research, education, and practice; as well as to look forward toward new pathways for current and emerging scholars. In doing so, the conference will highlight boundary-spanning research and practice and work that moves from research to practice and back again. Thus, we aim to highlight the importance of rigorous and relevant research and how such research is informed by, and can further inform, meaningful and engaged practice.


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