Agriculture Startups

Booming Agriculture Startups in India

Their mission is to make Mandya chemical free by 2020. They sell 100% authentic, organic food straight to the customer through their chain of retail stores and Amazon.

Apart from that, they also have various programs to educate customers about organic farming and connect with the nature.

A Bengaluru based Agri Startup, provides an online platform that connects farmers directly with businesses (restaurants/hotels/retail stores etc.). Their customers create subscriptions and place orders through the android app and they deliver fruits and vegetables to the customers doorsteps directly from farmers. Their supply chain creates transparency in the prices, barring out many layers of middlemen present in traditional system. Apart from that, they also add values in terms of cleaning, grading, sorting and packaging. By adding values, their skilled labors ensure quality in the products.

Gold Farm

In a nutshell, they are building a platform to deliver the services for renting out Farm Equipment.

They aim to build technology infrastructure married to IOT and agriculture specific predictive algorithms to increase the efficiency of entire agriculture paradigm.

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