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Reasons why your plants dry-off during the dry seasons.

We always come to a conclusion that the main reason why our plants dry-off during the dry seasons is because of lack of water. That is correct but I will show you the main cause!

The size of your planting hole and the depth plays a very big rule in the development of your plants.

Now, it will take sometime for a very young  plant to mature and the roots to gain strength.

If a young plant is sown into a small hole without a good depth, it is going to die when the dry season comes. Do you know why?
The water level keeps droping during the dry season until it passes the level where the root system of your plant is and it dies for lack of water.

The hole should measuresabout: depth 45cm and diameter 45cm.for a small plant.

This is a good solution to dryness.
When you sow your plant into this type of hole what happens is that, the plant roots will be feeding around the soft 45cm depth and diameter until the root system develops and have enough strength to go through the hard wall above the 45cm depth and diameter.
But when the plant is sown into a small and shallow hole, the young roots will have no strength to crack through the hard walls. As a result, the plant will be stagnant and cut off by the dry season.

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